2016 Award for the Best Doctoral Dissertation on CSR

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The Santander Center for Corporate Social Responsibility of the University of Malaga organizes and supports the 2016 Award for the Best Doctoral Dissertation on Corporate Social Responsibility. Such a Center is sponsored by Banco Santander.

The award is intended to support significant and original contributions on CSR that are also useful for companies, organizations and society. There is no restriction placed upon the formal disciplinary area of the research so long as it is directly related to CSR or one of its three dimensions (economic, social and environmental). The award has been open to candidates associated with any private or public Spanish university, and the doctoral dissertation has to be defended in 2015.

This is an original initiative in Spain. In total, there have been 35 doctoral dissertation submmited to the Award of this year.

The Winner of the Award has been María Dolores Odriozola Zamanillo for her dissertation “La relación entre las prácticas de responsabilidad social laboral y la reputación” defended in the University of Cantabria. Dante Ignacio Leyva de la Hiz obtained the Accesit for his dissertation entitled “Innovaciones medioambientales: estrategias corporativas e influencias institucionales” defended in the PolytechnicUniversity of Granadaa.

The members of the jury decided to give a special mention to Juan Ángel Poyatos León, for his doctoral dissertation “Análisis de la relación causal de la responsabilidad social corporativa y la performance financiera de las empresas” defended in the PolytechnicUniversity of Valencia.