A research of the Santander Center for CSR has won the Best Paper Award in the international conference MES 2015

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The paper entitled “Corporate social responsibility, total quality management and hotel performance: the role of gender diversity” has won the Best Paper Award at the “International Conference on Advances in Management, Economics and Social Science – MES 2015″ held on 18-19th april in Rome (Italy).

The research has been carried out by Cristina Quintana-García, Carlos A. Benavides-Velasco and Macarena Marchante-Lara, members of the Santander Center for Corporate Social Responsibility at the University of Malaga sponsored by the Banco Santander.

The research examines how the implementation of both Total Quality Management (TQM) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) influences the results of hotels’ stakeholders as an antecedent of business performance. The empirical study shows that the adoption of such approaches improves the capacity of hotels to create benefits for their stakeholders, and these results have a positive effect on hotel performance. The study also provides evidence of the complementarity of both management philosophies as TQM can enhance the development of CSR. Furthermore, the research demonstrates that gender diversity positively influences the development of CSR.