Celebrated the Seminar on Sustainability and Environmental Management

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The Santander Center for Corporate Social Responsibility of the University of Malaga has organized the “Seminar on Sustainability and Environmental Management” held on March 12 in the Higher Technical School of Industrial Engineering. This seminar aimed to stimulate reflection and discussion about the latest trends on the environmental dimension of sustainability.

During the lectures given at the seminar the different environmental strategies that can develop business and the challenges of their implementation were analysed. Similarly, the seminar has enabled a deeper understanding of the concept of green entrepreneurship on the search for solutions that respect the environment in creating products and services, and its relation to social inclusion. It has also explored the relationship of green growth with sustainability, the elements of a green state policy as well as the implications for the company.

The Seminar was officially opened by Carlos A. Benavides Velasco, Director of Strategic Plan and Social Responsibility of the University of Malaga. Then the director of the Santander Center for Corporate Social Responsibility, Cristina Quintana thanked José Antonio Cristóbal Álvaro, Director Santander of Andalusian Universities, and the Santander bank, for the support and sponsorship given to the Center that allows this type of educational activities.

The first lecture entitled “The implementation of environmental strategies in the company” was given by José J. Cespedes Lorente, which is Professor of Management at the University of Almería and Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business of the mentioned University. Then Laura Franco-García, Assistant professor at the Faculty of Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences of the University of Twente (Netherlands), intervened with the conference “Green Entrepreneurship and socially inclusive”. The seminar ended with the presentation “Green growth and sustainability” given by Diego Vázquez-Brust, Senior Lecturer in Strategy at the School of Management and researcher of the Centre for Research into Sustainability (CRIS) of the Royal Holloway University of London.