Next publication: Corporate Social Responsibility. A commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

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The work “Corporate Social Responsibility. A commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals” will be published soon. This book is the result of one of the activities carried out by the Santander Chair in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at the University of Malaga.

The Chair, in its desire to encourage and promote the development of quality research careers related to CSR, instituted, in 2013, the Award for the Best Doctoral Thesis on Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability, defended in any Spanish university, public or private, in the year prior to the announcement of the Prize. The Award is announced annually.

This book includes the presentation of the content of all the doctoral theses distinguished with prize, second prize or special mention from the first call to the last resolved (2019). The objective of this work is to make known, to transfer to the business world, to society, the content of the doctoral theses, highlighting the possible practical implications derived from the research. By transferring to the company the knowledge contained in the excellent awarded works, we are contributing to the achievement of the third mission of the university, to the transfer of knowledge to society.