Seminar on Corporate Social Responsibility: Responsible Supply Chain

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Last 24th of April, the “Seminar on Corporate Social Resposibility: Responsible Supply Chain” took place at the at E.T.S. Ingenieros Industriales of the University of Malaga. The Seminar was organized by Santander Center for Corporate Social Responsibility of such University.

The Seminar was officially opened by Carlos A. Benavides Velasco, Director of Strategic Plan and Social Responsibility of the University of Malaga, José Antonio Cristóbal Álvaro, Director Santander of Andalusian Universities, and Cristina Quintana García, Director of the Center, who said thanks to Banco Santander for its financial support and to FGUMA, for its professional support.

This Seminar has focused on current topics regarding responsible supply chain. The first lecture was given by Juan José Durán, Professor of the Autonomous University of Madrid, entitled “Gestión en valores en la empresa socialmente responsable”. Then, Juan Pedro Galiano, director of Internal Communication and Reputation of ADIF, gave the lecture “Compras responsables en el marco e la RSC. El caso de una empresa pública”. The last lecture called “Net positive” was given by Alex Munujos, Technician of CSR of Brico Depôt.

The Director of the Center closed the Seminar saying thanks to the speakers for their interesting and practical lectures and to the audience for their attention and participation.